Part 2 of a series of tricks and how to activate hidden features when using Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926.

See part 1 here: Tricks and hidden features of Windows 10 Build 9926

Share file on Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926
In Windows 8, the user if they want to share files need to go open the Charms bar and click on the Share options. However, on Windows 10, the Charms bar bar was removed (or hidden), and users can choose to share more quickly from the File Explorer with new Share button option. And here’s how to use.
Open File Explorer and click on the file you want to share. Then on the menu of options will appear Sharing Options Share. If you want to share a specific folder, zip it back by Zip options available are provided, then the Share Options will be ready for you to use.

When you click Share, Share Sidebar Windows 10 will appear, give you the option to share with the applications available or has been installed on Windows 10.

You can customize the options shared by accessing the Settings> System> Share and Ricochet to turn ON or OFF the option to disable the option

Proactive Windows 10 updates when new updates from Microsoft
On Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9926, users will have 2 choices for the update, which is Slow and Fast Ring Ring. Slow Ring is optional update when the updates released by Microsoft that users test and provide feedback and bug fixes from Microsoft has been resolved. Fast Ring option also updated immediately builds new way to experience early, but the problem is very large error occurs.

If you want, you can switch back and forth between two options kept up to date and Fast Slow Ring Ring by visiting Settings> Update & recovery
In the Windows Update options, please click on the Advanced Options line.
In the Advanced Options option, you will find the line preview build Choose how are installed and choose Slow or Fast, depending on the purpose.

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