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After days of waiting, Microsoft has finally launched the Office application Touch for Windows 10. This is the app interface ownership really friendly touch screen, not just a small recovery mode office 2013. you should also note that the Touch is NOT office office 2016 office suite two will coexist in parallel to each other and their differences will be mentioned in his article below.

Microsoft Office Touch for Windows 10
Microsoft Office Touch for Windows 10

First of all, we need to understand that the Office Touch (also known as the Office for Windows 10) is provided completely free and it comes pre-installed on the device as soon as Windows 10 machines are delivered to consumers. Meanwhile, Office 2016 is not installed and to use it, then you must purchase copyright or permanently, or register package Office 365. In addition, you will also find Office Touch phone and computer small table, and Office 2016 does not.

Even objects using two sets of software that aims to also different. Office Touch offers enough features for most ordinary users, while Office 2016 is an Office with all the features extremely strong so far and aimed at business customers.

It was for this reason that the Office Touch interface is simple and easy to understand. You may find that Word, Excel, PowerPoint Touch is designed as simplifying the layout features clear and neat in the ribbon tab. Each card carries the app striking colors, such as blue as Word Excel is also green. This type interface is used to bring up Microsoft Office for the iPad and Android tablets.

Meanwhile, Office 2016 is more complex and more advanced interface includes small buttons close together, the number of nodes is more on the same ribbon and certainly not suitable for use on touch screens instead, you need to easily mouse click on this button. This interface also has appeared in the older generations Office.

Saying so does not mean weak Touch Office can not do anything. Most formatting tools, text, insert images, insert the formula Excel, PowerPoint effects, slideshow mode … all are present in Touch Office, only the sublime features like creating Pivot Table, run macros, and things like that do not appear in the new new software. If you need things like that, then surely your needs is not easy, while the new Office 2016 is the choice for you.

Touch both Office 2016 and Office allow you direct access to your account OneDrive to open, view, edit and save files directly. You do not need to own OneDrive through folders on your computer handy. File browser interface will be displayed when you run the application on two sets of this app.

About Word for Windows 10, we have added new features are Insights for Office. This feature will operate in read-only mode of application (Read Mode), and it will bring additional information online (such as images, web references and definitions) of a word or phrase has selected. As pictured below, I chose the phrase SoC, then right click, select Insights and you will find more information in the table on the right, nice and convenient to search without leaving the app.

Meanwhile, Excel for Windows 10 supports the cell size to manipulate data more easily, especially when you use the tablet. You will no longer have to select each cell misery, each cell half that manipulate select multiple cells, columns, rows have been simplified (Excel can show you how to select the image shown for the first time you run applications up).

Excel for Windows 10
Excel for Windows 10

PowerPoint for Windows 10 also commendable display 100% correct format slide despite comlexity. As in the example below you can see the chart is drawn very troublesome but still full display. The effect is also present to you comfortably view and edit your files without any difficulty than PowerPoint 2016. Even our operations are now neatly and quickly than by simple interfaces more straightforward.

PowerPoint for Windows 10, you add to your regime Tool Ink marks on the slide within the presentation time. This feature actually had on PowerPoint long, and the company continues to maintain it in Office Touch is a commendable and needed by so many people will be portable tablet or phone them to lecture, but also laptops ordinary capital to make it possible to slide in gently.

Powerpoint for Windows 10
Powerpoint for Windows 10

OneNote for Windows 10, it looks quite similar to the iPad, and Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar for Windows 10 was browsing email – familiar but made history back to the finger-touch becomes more convenient than ever. In addition, it has incorporated many features powerful text formatting of Word, for example, create tables, insert images, use bullet points … for composing email. However, in this phase, the new OneNote and Outlook does not appear immediately, we will have to wait.

That’s my experience with Office for Windows 10. Touch Now what to expect next smartphone that is Windows 10, then I will know that the new Office looks like and how activities on a screen smaller size.

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