Windows 10 was released, many brothers have begun to experience the new version of the operating system. Of course, because just as the test so Windows 10 Technical Preview should not be with no errors. Below are the issues that Microsoft found and it is also a solution for us. If you still experience problems with anything else, please discuss with people here, we will find a way to solve them.

How to fix bugs in Windows 10 for phones
How to fix bugs in Windows 10 for phones

Problem: no updates to the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a device in the supported list. Windows applications Insider message “No Build“.
FIX: you must lower the Windows Phone 8.1 8.10.12419.341 down, then up Windows 10. See detailed instructions here.

Problem: the alarm set the Windows Phone 8.1 will not be carried over to Windows 10
Workaround: You have to install manually

Problem: no Wi-Fi connection automatically when you upgrade to Windows 10
Fix: Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-Fi, hold your network name, select Forget. Then re-connect.

Problem: no VPN in Windows 10 Technical Preview this time. In the settings but still can not run on it.
Solution: You have to wait until VPN is available 🙂

Problem: lack of a certain languages keyboard after installation on Windows 10
FIX: Run Windows Insider applications, choose the option Insider Slow or Fast feature. The download package keyboard will start and you just need to wait only.

Problem: Gmail account after the update error, error is often coded 85010020
Workaround: This error occurs because Google is no longer supported protocols Exchange to sync again. How to fix it is to remove Gmail account, then proceed to login again is. Remember to select “Google” to add an account on your phone, do not select the “Exchange” option.

Problem: 80073cf8 error when downloading apps from the Windows Store
FIX: click and hold on the app name fails, select “Cancel download“. Do this for all application with this condition. Then restart your phone, in the Windows Store, find and re-download those apps.

Problem: Photos app does not run up to share photos via Facebook, OneNote or when you want to attach images to email
FIX: try again and again until it was, I was about 2 times and try to be consistent. The more you use the more it seems like more and more rare errors.

Problem: Quiet Hours feature is not automatically enabled when you have an appointment in the calendar application (and this appointment is marked as Busy).
Solution: Wait for the next update

Problem: You can not access 3G? is due to the installation of the network APN may have been old
Fix: Settings> Network & Internet> Cellular & SIM> Select SIM settings> add APN Internet. Enter the parameters depending on your network provider.

Problem: You can not use the network when roaming despite enable this feature?
FIX: Restart your phone.

Problem: Using Bluetooth headset makes playing the video is slowed down considerably, jerky
FIX: Error caused by a bug lies in the interaction between the video detection system and Bluetooth. Use wired headset instead until Microsoft updates.

Problem: DataSense displays incorrect data usage after updating to Windows 10
Workaround: There is no way. Had to wait until the time of counter reset, then it will be correct.

Problem: setting the wallpaper for lock screen sometimes not work
FIX: reboot, then try again

Problem: after updating to Windows 10, touching the outer section Playlist Start screen or the Music app will not be able to play music.
Workaround: wait for updates only

Problem: brightness setting sometimes not work
FIX: reboot and reset

Problem: the phone screen brightness is reduced dramatically
Fix: Settings> System> Display> turn off “Automatically adjust display brightness” and turn on again

What’s more? Let’s discuss here.


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