“Windows 10 update for phones & tablets will be coming up later this month (Jan 2015)”

-Windows 10 Insider-
theme of Windows 10 for phones
New theme of Windows 10 for phones

As you may know, the Windows 10 Technical Preview for PC & laptop has released freely to consumers for reviewing & getting the feedbacks but not the version for phones & tablets.
According to our sources familiar with Microsoft Mobiles, we now can know that the Windows 10 update for phones & tablets will be coming up later this month via Windows 10 Phone Insider application.
What we can expect to this great smartphone OS update?
It is said that the Windows 10 for phones will be updated for all devices running Windows Phone now, including Lumia, HTC, Samsung, … And the most interesting news we would like to inform you that the user interface for the new Windows 10 will be more beautiful & more attractive. Microsoft developers also do their best job to bring all the advantage of Windows RT & Windows Phone to this new Windows 10 OS. Cool, hah?
The Jan 21st press event is coming closer. Together we expect for the wonderful new phone OS. Windows 10 Insider will be along with you to every news. Stay tuned on our hottest information.
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