“Windows 10 for Phones will most likely to have the same application that Windows 10 for PC has, and it’s almost free!!! “

-Windows 10 Insider-
windows app 10 for phones
Windows 10 for phones will have apps as on PC for free

The closer the Windows 10 event coming, the clearer the image for its phones version is shown up, from the application update for Windows Phone to the Microsoft Office on the new generation of smartphone Operating System. We now can know that the Phone Insider application has been released recently shows that Microsoft has a great focus on the mobile platform. This is a good news for Windows Phone users. We will not only update to Windows 10 easily but also get the Office & other apps freely.
It’s said that the new Windows 10 for phones will have a nice look & can also run Android application. How cool is that!
For users who love Apple, the Microsoft Office application on Windows 10 for phones will have the same interface as on the iPhone. We expect that Windows 10 for phones can run the iPhone apps in the near future like it will for Android.
As a WindowsPhone’s fan, I’m really happy with this news. How about you?

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