This Lumia 1530 concept has a rounded design similar to the iPhone 6, it is also equipped with a curved screen with a stylus pen similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, running on Windows 10.

Graphic Designer, Sajau, has posted on DeviantArt a design concept of Lumia 1530 with many new highlights in design while retaining the distinctive style of the Lumia lineup.

Lumia 1530 design concept Windows 10

In the imagination of of Sajau, Lumia 1530 has an ultra-thin body and is made of metal and polycarbonate. Its contour has an ultra slim design. The top edge and bottom edge is minimized to increase the display area. According to Sajau, his Lumia 1530 concept will be integrated with a fingerprint sensor for security purposes. The designer did not go into further detail of Lumia 1530 hardware & software. We think that it will have a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 20 megapixel camera with OIS and running on Windows 10 of course. This maybe the strongest Lumia device running on Windows 10.

Lumia 1530 front screen
Lumia 1530 front screen
Lumia 1530 backside windows 10 concept
Lumia 1530 backside

Sajau said his idea Lumia 1530 supports smart stylus pen, the buttons on the smartphone design is quite similar to the product line iPhone, iPad of Apple.

Sajau has also introduced another Lumia 1530 concept with the body constituted entirely of plastic and have a more youthful color.

Lumia 1530 plastic version
Lumia 1530 plastic version

What do you think about the Lumia 1530 concept above? Please share your ideas in the comment below!

(Reference: DeviantArt / Sajau)

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